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Wow writing is really really hard

Over time an idea or thought that was unique becomes cliché. I'm speak for myself, I chew on ideas and words so long that they become stale to me and a possible mash to anyone listening or looking . With my constant attention and fiddling, once amazing Ideas come on stage and to the public as disfigured remnants of their former brilliance. That's how i see it .

So my artists statement constantly gets bastardized, going in with a scalpel and make it fit a new application to a particular show and well I write like I speak , fragmented, with the listener feeling as if they missed a vital

part of the conversation words so after a year of this they are unrecognizable .


Artists statement

Tom Acevedo

Because I feel, I paint.

I Paint “To add to the stream of life”, letting the viewer know that there is hope and they are not alone. This is not pomposity this is truth, this is my 12th step in recovery, to carry the message. Captured in each painting is a moment in time, when the spirit of the subject portrayed is pure and the consciousness of their story revealed . That moment can come not only in the best of times, but as in life, the most challenging of times as well.

My goal with most every painting is to draw the viewer in, penetrate the forth wall and invite the viewer to participate . If some one can not see the story or moral that I’ve conveyed, their eye might be drawn in by something “shiny” . A shadow or reflection ,a detail that allows a story to unfold any story even if it is just eye candy to entreat the imagination. Another technique I have worked with in my attempt to be “ all inclusive “ is to Breach the boundaries of the canvas and the frame by painting a playful cat or an out stretched hand reaching for the light from the gallery space.

So much of my work has to do with inner growth and spiritual shortcomings. I do not painted to shame I paint to let a particular viewer know , “I too deal with this , you are not alone”. If a painting can be an affirming nod and a hand on the back I want to represent that . The razors edge I balance on in conceptualizing and creating , is not to come across as a satirical illustration or a moralistic ranting made from a soap box.

Paintings are all conceived while meditating and yes, I do ask the universe to be clear to be inspired, so I might transcend my squirrel cage of a mind that darts from subject to subject. That clarity of vision seldom holds, and the frenetic quality of my mind often intrudes with the eye candy, that lets your eyes move throughout to add to the viewers own story .

My goal in Painting is to be all inclusive, providing a never ending story to whoever’s looking at a painting . My paintings are not meant to match the sofa, they are guest whose only desire is to entertain and never tell the same story twice.

Thank you for your time

Thomas Acevedo

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