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Trust your Gut

I started a painting about 4 days ago . I must have taken 2 hundred photos and was able to piece together 3 just for the figure its self. I'm afraid it will be an #unfinishedpainting , I only have 2 others that qualify. I just wasnt feeling it and I gotta trust my gut .

My tendency is to keep at it and then I have so much time spent that I put out a product that Im not into and not proud of .

I also spend to much time trying to anticipate what the public might want . This is how I live but some one told me early on , if I try to guess what will sell then the magic of who i am is gone from the work .

So much of my stuff is seen as #moodyart , seriously its not my intention , I want emotional art I want art that people want on there walls and can look at time and time again and tell stories . I want #artthatdoesntmatchyourdrapes I am going back to an earlier idea that came about as #accidentalinspiration in the photo shoot . who know this may fail as well . The Original was a take on #narcissus with a man toppling from a stool where just moments earlier his head was in the clouds #headintheclouds full of self delusion and #samsara . The image was good and diverged from my original idea that I still see clearly in my mind but could not tell the story fully but still a good image. the next will start today the other will be put aside until im certain but #tomacevedoartstudio will create something that can be used in the collection this summer . Im assuming there is a collection at #woodmanshimkogallery in the #provincetownartscene .

Any way i suck at this blog thing , hardly interesting but here I am

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