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From the beginning

I leave most paintings , after a long two months, with out a thought of the next . Any Idea or concept that I had in the past has usually gone stale. Having been turned over in my mind to the point that it seems faded and is not willing to go out into the world.

With each new painting I #Meditate . Just saying " I meditate" seems pretentious , but I do.

In this case it started out with words, put out to the universe to spirit nimphs or celestial being . Who knows I dont take chances . "Show me how to add to someones life the lessons I am learning". I'm not all that, believe me, washing feet of the poor doesnt happen often , but I have found it helpful to make art that lifts the consciousness. As someone once told me your work is " Thinky" Ill take it . Yes even that sounds pretentious i realize . the concept was ," I am #creating havoc with my thinking and my actions , my mind is so busy with should haves and have to's , that are of my own conception, that the people closest to me are not getting me, they are getting what is the result of all of that " . How the fuck can I tell that story ?

This picture was the start . The first image that came to mind was the Asops fable . The Thorn in the lions Paw. he was grumpy and angry at the world because of something so small and then when it was pulled out all was restarted , a " #NewBegining".

As I rolled out paint in my living room I thought I'm rolling out the old for the new . It was a start of the painting .

For two weeks I thought on it hours of quiet in the morning with the "ONG mone padme hom " of some sort in my ears and my mind like a busy monkey fingering through image after image. Im not sure what made me come to the finale but I knew it was right .

The Maddening pace of a city the maddening pace of my mind . I would deal with how to make the images I knew I wanted light spilling out onto a street with shadowed images and cars . I ended up researching a few dozen images of city streets from that perspective and then photo shopping them together . When I say photo shop , i hav no idea how to use photo shop but my mind does it and I was able to make the day to night and what i thought the scene might play out as . If I did to much research I would have undone over and over what I had finally been able to achieve. And yes I settled .

Originally I was going to use myself . I am not into painting me I use myself because I am there , I know the position i want and the angle and the light and i have the camera and I want it now . But in the end I did not want me .

Thankfully i have a friend from the UK @markjarvis who is an amazing character model who is amazing at quick photo shoots of himself. After sending him the photos of myself he sent me back what would be used in the final painting .

In the end approximately 6 references where used and combined .

I hope that I was able to convey "New Beginings "

ok my brian is tired .


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