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Finishing touches on Narcissus and questions

Updated: May 11, 2019

I am wrapping up the painting and its been interesting , the process that is , When I am conceiving these , I meditate I see the painting as if a gif and then as the painting proceeds it tends to change with subtle tweak or not so subtle . .

I wanted to convey that "Narcissism" is not only about staring at your beauty in a reflection, but also the self absorption of worry,of fear and thinking of our self constantly. The little plans the schemes that keep our heads on the clouds.

Originally the subject was supposed to be falling of a stool , that was cut from under him by the people that were over looked while the man carried heaps of his wealth on in sacks on his back . It started to feel like a political cartoon and the painting that I began was not feeling right , So I restarted another . As I approach the end I question the details I imagined in my minds eye, the cloud in my mind was , well the painting in all was more graphic more contemporary poster, like Magritte , with a cloud in front of the face and just eh lips , showing . Should I have kept it like this? well to fucking late now ,

I wanted the the fish that were kicked up while slipping in that reflecting pond to help show the chaos and the motion but is it working , originally it was supposed to be papers My honey wants a cat , he always wants a cat and in the past they have worked but Not sure of a cat flying through the air would add to the story and the chaos or would it just confuse the story , I wish this thing could answer me back . uggh .

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