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Enemy Within finally done

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

my god I cant believe that I conceptualized this painting 3 months ago ! The painting was originally thought of like this.

During a meditation , A man bunched up on a stool with a rustic pack or bundle on his back filled with treasures and a bounty of food . Dropping crumbs to a crowd of of little people at the base of the stool . I sign of the times of hoarding ones wealth . I read once in some spiritual daily read that the more a person has the more they feel they have to protect what they have full of fear of others and what they may want or steal from them .

It seems so obvious to me but hit home as I worked in wealthy client who talked to me about how grounded and spiritual she was, I gave her the benefit of the doubt , until I heard her screaming as if a she feel only to find that she broke a nail and then the subsequent screaming at the salon who could not fix it as quickly as she wanted.

So with that story to inform my thoughts of wealthy people and my interaction with bigots of the trump era, My orignal concept was well conceptualized .

I thought this idea was a bit political and in my mind resembled a political cartoon so with a second meditation I came up with the painting that is finally done .

At the time of this final idea I had been going through some tough times , sleepless nights for weeks and high anxiety and stress. While to the world it would seem nothing to worry about I admit my problems were all in my mind. Imagining the worst and nothing could convince me that it was any different. I wanted a hoard of wealth in the door way with the man behind the glass but i realized this is way to much like the painting i did a couple of years ago called " Ivory tower" .

The enemy with in is a natural progression of an idea for me while meditating on a painting . Originally I wanted to have the crowd of angry villagers to be mice in human gear but I just could not get that together .

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