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and let the new painting begin

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

The new painting is an attempt to make an new take on Narcissus , hmmm we will see how it goes.

Once again the concept was come to in meditation , well actually two paintings came in , one involving Audrey and I think it will be a beauty but I chose this one because the summer is approaching and I need some cohesion to a collection to show at Woodman Shimko in Province town so I went with this one.

So as usual the thought is , We , Or should I just say I am so caught up in ME , worries problems lifes schemes and plans its all ego , and its all self involvement so it is Narcissus .

The subject will be on a stool piled with stacks of papers things while be toppled from his perch clouds will stay stationary or his head will be in them so we shall see . the paintings always morph as they come into a two dimensional plane .


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