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Part of the Reflection Series.

With this painting, people's explanations are much better than my own, so if you like your story, please don't read on as I have found the inner child story compelling and in part, that is part of it.

Originally, I was aggravated with this unspoken prejudice towards the male nude. You can read more about my thoughts on this in my article for Boston Spirit Magazine here on this site. This underliying shadow that follows the male nude is slowly lifting but by large, when the public or a gallery sees a nude, they turn away. My sense is that they are affraid they will see something erotic. So it is immediatly pigeon holed into that genre without further investigation. My thought with this painting is, what if you took a  classic nude in this case, the Greek and Roman sculpture of The Dying Gaul and put it or him in a glass case in Time Square. Would it be perceived as erotic or does antiquity give a subject respectability? By placing my partner who modeled for the boy in the painting, the subject and story began to change and a psychological undertone began to take place. I began to play with MC Escheresque perspective ideas and just who is in the padded cell? The boy or the man?

"The Visitor"

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  • 1) All giclee reproductions are of a high quality archival ink used for fine art printing. 

    2) For print reproduction on canvas, please allow 4-5 weeks for production. The prints are sent to my studio where they are signed, numbered, repackaged and then shipped to you.

    3) For more info on domestic shipping, international shipping and other matters, please refer to our Shipping and Store Policy.

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