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Inspired by Caravagigo's Eros coming off the bed. I have dealt with the prejudice towards the male figure by galleries and the public since I began painting. Considered homo erotic, the male figure is immediately pigeon holed. I wanted to question, "If a classic nude was presented in contemporary times, how would it be received? I really wanted to challenge myself and challenge the viewer with this painting. It was a tough process because the eye when seeing a real reflection can focus on different elements. Whether your eyes rest on what is behind the window or reflected, I had to choose a focus and accentuate the important aspects.

The Fishbowl

  • 1) All giclee reproductions are of a high quality archival ink used for fine art printing. 

    2) For print reproduction on canvas, please allow 4-5 weeks for production. The prints are sent to my studio where they are signed, numbered, repackaged and then shipped to you.

    3) For more info on domestic shipping, international shipping and other matters, please refer to our Shipping and Store Policy.

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