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This is a painting from way back. 1992 .  I  was  just fumbling around with  paint.  I  Had a dream and  I tried to  get it on canvas . People  frozen in Ice and  people skating over them. If I remember correctly it  symbolized the futility of  life, I think .   I can only  see it now through my present mind and  how I see the world but to me today and with that vague recolection  I can interpret it in today.   I have often had a meloncholy about the passage of time. Not so much for my self but others . I see  say Anne Margret and see how beautiful she was , or I think of  young lovers from 400 years ago . They blushed, they fluttered their lashes  they gushed all a giggle they  loved and longed and dressed prettely for the other to notice.  And they are dead , the ground is full of people who loved , people who saw life passionately and who then , didn't .  I think that is what this painting meant to me . 


SOLD Parvenue 32"x32"

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