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Original is availbale  as well as a canvas reproduction  and a 11x14 cropped detail  (Second Photo) .

Inspired by Millais. Painted in May in a lake in central Massachusetts. I photographed myself in the fridge water with a timer. I took at least 50 photos of myself and composited them to get this. After I painted in the lotus leaves live from the market, the lotus works its way up from the mud to shine in the beauty of the sun.


  • 1) All giclee reproductions are of a high quality archival ink used for fine art printing. 

    2) For print reproduction on canvas, please allow 4-5 weeks for production. The prints are sent to my studio where they are signed, numbered, repackaged and then shipped to you.

    3) For more info on domestic shipping, international shipping and other matters, please refer to our Shipping and Store Policy.

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