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Original painting is on permanent display and sale at Green Leaf Gallery


From the Reflection series. Most of my paintings come from a desire to challenge myself in some way. Here, I wanted to play with perspective. As in all of the paintings, there is a nod to Caravaggio and Valentine Belognia and their desire to draw the viewer into the painting. In this case, I wanted the painting to interact with the viewer.

*Alternative sizes are available upon request.

Flying the Coop

  • 1) All giclee reproductions are of a high quality archival ink used for fine art printing. 

    2) For print reproduction on canvas, please allow 4-5 weeks for production. The prints are sent to my studio where they are signed, numbered, repackaged and then shipped to you.

    3) For more info on domestic shipping, international shipping and other matters, please refer to our Shipping and Store Policy.

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