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Nothing catchy , I'm just becoming, familiar.

So how do you use this thing! tap tap tap . Forgive me this is a first and I'm not even sure this is the right place to write, really.

So what do I say . Man I have this painting that I'm working on , the second in the "New beginnings " series . I don't know why I call it a series because what I know of a series is that there is more then one. right ?

I've never been good at committing to a series, I have so many inspirations and ideas , messages , lessons , help , that I want to pass on , that I want to get onto canvas that I cant stay with just one thing. That and, that little girl you see down below, our daughter Audrey .

I'm a full time dad and have this little two hour intervals every 4 hours to do everything, and paint . So I am slow , I mean i've always been slow at most I think I've painted 12 paintings in a year so now it'll be more like 6 .

Either that or I have to reinvent and rethink and and loosen up .

But back to the initial subject . The Second in the New beginnings series .

Its one of my spiritual beliefs #paintingofthespirt #paintingsofrecovery that when we loose of physical form our spirit , at some point can choose what life they would like to have . I was told that my past lives I was always in a walled environment , " Cloistered, monetary's, convents... " ( see my web site for all the paintings that explain my fascination with closed spaces ) I was a monk a nun a priest a Buddhist a shaman . Im just saying what I was told . My spirit choose this life , it said , I got the spoirtual thing down I need to experience life and need new lessons.

I think I needed to represent the other occupants of this planet in a poignant and loving way .

#1 in the New Beginnings Series

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